Made in New York

Our Company has and always will be
NYC…We not only live here but have spent our entire careers as part of
the NYC garment center. Every piece of clothing we create is designed
and manufactured in this city. While our showroom and offices are in
the heart of the garment center all of our manufacturing is done in
Brooklyn. We are proud to be Certified “Brooklyn Made” a
certification that is awarded to companies that not only call Brooklyn
home but create local manufacturing jobs for the community. With our
contribution to the local economy through this program we can ensure
that we are sweatshop free.
We take pride helping to keep fashion production where it belongs. In a city that
has lost so much of its legendary industry to cheaper exploitive
manufacturing. If there is anything to be said for the environment that
something is created in affecting its outcome, then creating something
in the place that so much of its style is inspired from is simply how it
should be. From the lines of the buildings to the rhythm of the streets to
the energy of generation pursuing its dreams, is something we strive
to include between every seam….



Enhance Your Silhouette

Enhancing Your Silhouette is a the effect our clothing has on the shape of a woman’s body.
With the use of densely constructed materials from the finest mills in the world, our styles
create the slimming and accentuating effect that are usually obtained by wearing certain
undergarments. While all of our garments are designed with the highest attention to detail,
there are select styles that are constructed to specifically enhance the outlining silhouette of anyone
who wears them. This collection is adorned with this signature “Enhance Your Silhouette” hangtag
ensuring not only the quality production that we strive for within every stitch but also the slimming
and accentuating tailor made effect this line was designed to give.