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Vintage Flavor For Urban Behavior™

Posted on March 08 2018

Vintage Flavor For Urban Behavior™ - What do these words mean? Do they just rhyme and sound kind of fly together? Yes and Yes but what they mean to us.. Well That is so much more!

Vintage Flavor - Vintage is one of those words like "Classic" that people throw around when they're trying to say that the quality of things today is not where it used to be like when people say "they don't make em' like they used to" and when it comes to clothing they're absolutely right!

Almost all clothing today is made in cost-cutting countries where for much lower cost you get clothing that might look ok but the quality and fit is no where near what it used to be. Which is why it costs less. I mean its almost impossible to create clothing in this country today, let alone in one of its most expensive cities like NYC! But we don't care we did it anyway.

We wanted to create something with the quality and style of the classic of the vintage garments that just looked and felt better than the cheap stuff sometimes you couldn't even put your finger on why but you knew there was just something about it that made it feel good to put on...and when you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel good. The only thing that feels better than that is still having enough money to get your hair and nails done after buying that new outfit. Theres the things its one thing to create clothing int the USA buts its another to be able to offer it to your customers at a price that means you wont need to choose between looking good and paying for your health insurance that month.

Urban Behavior - You see we are proud to be called Urban or City because to us it means Hustle, Determination and above all never giving up.