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High Low A-Line Super Techno B&W Striped Dress


The Little Black Dress...One you will love the way you look in...One that you will find your self wearing more than you ever thought...The one you throw a bomber jacket over and enjoy the looks you get as you blend an elegant style with a streetwear staple...Our approach to clothing is simple. We find quality fabric and work it into a stunning silhouette. Our real mission is to offer a tailored fit you normally only find in ridiculously expensive clothing. This dress is a perfect example. Super Techno is a fabric that feels amazing to the touch. It looks even more incredible draping the silhouette of a woman's body. With a fitted top and a controlled flare at the bottom this dress will accentuate your natural curves. Throw on a pair of heels to dress it up or tone it down with a denim jacket. You'll be amazed how comfortable a dress can be.