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Scrunch Butt Active Wear Pant



This scrunch design of this active wear pant gently presses your booty to boost volume while giving your butt a sculpted and flattering look. It helps to frame your hips and booty while making sure you don't get a wedgy. Our design has a wide waistband on the back with a peak at the start of the scrunch for extra comfort and shape.

This pant also features a sleek smart phone pocket that is the perfect size and position for the most comfortable access to your device. Push the boundaries of this fun silhouette by styling it for the street not just the gym.


Color – Black
Fabric – (95%Polyester 5%Spandex)
Care – Machine wash cold / Tumble dry low.
Sizing – S, M, L, XL
Model is 6ft. and wearing a size medium

Garment Dimensions: